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Meet JG & Ben



Co-founder and co-host of the Game To Love podcast. JG is a first generation Italian Londoner, known to always proudly represent both flags when supporting the endless lineup of Italian tennis stars. JG is an avid tennis player and footballer. In his free time, he supports West Ham and is a rumoured breeder of award-winning huskies?! On the podcast he is known for his love and devotion to the legendary Rafael Nadal alongside other clay court challenger players. Some call him JGenius for his uncannily accurate bracket predictions, but Ben just calls it "luck".

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Ben is co-host and co-founder of the Game to Love Podcast. Originally a squash player (better than Dan Evans), Ben fell in love with tennis watching the great Pete Sampras. Ben is known on the podcast for his sterling broadcasting skills, as the creator of the GTL-signature "buttons", his scintillating editing work and as the composer of original music featured on GTL, including the hit single: "Aslan Karatsev." When not covering tennis, Ben is a musician, a huge UFC/Boxing fan, and if you don't like his Tyson Fury impression then 'You're a Dosser!'

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